Blizzerator: From the Beginning

Ergonomic Snow Brush, Ice Scraper & Squeegee Keeps Drivers Dry

Every once in awhile, a product comes along that truly revolutionizes an industry. Such is the case with the Blizzerator. It’s time to oblizzerate winter!

The Blizzerator, a newly designed, ergonomic snow brush and ice scraper promises to more efficiently rid vehicles of snow, ice and debris while keeping drivers dry in the process. Revolutionary is the Blizzerator’s patent-pending ergonomic design, which transforms from a hand-held ice scraper, squeegee or snow brush to a 55-3/4” elongated tool ideal for clearing car roofs, large SUVs and trucks.

Dr. Rick Henningsen, D.C., inventor of the Blizzerator, came up with the idea after seeing his 5’1” wife try to clear 14 inches of freezing white powder from her car on a wind-whipped wintery morning.

"The ice scraper and snow brush she was using was inefficient: it was too short for her and even as she was able to remove a patch of snow, a fresh batch would pile right up again,” said Dr. Henningsen. “I had an epiphany that it all boiled down to size and shape. Vehicles aren't flat, they are curved, and they aren’t small. So why are we flailing around with small, flat nearly useless toys when we need…well, ‘weapons’ to fight back at winter?"

Henningsen— who spent a career studying the human body and the stresses put upon it—realized that the ice scrapers and snow brushes sold in stores are archaic. The Blizzerator is a large, flexible, lightweight, inexpensive 21st century snow brush, ice scraper and squeegee that can challenge winter to a duel and win, quickly cleaning vehicles of any size without soaking drivers.

The product was introduced at the Orgill Spring Dealer Market in February and has been an instant success. 

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