Space Video

The Blizzerator Goes to Space

The inventor of the Blizzerator decided to test its tolerance for cold as well as impact or in this case CRASH testing. He launched the Blizzerator to a height of 18.2 miles high, that's over 96,000 feet. During ascent the Blizzerator was pushed around by jet stream wind speeds well over 100mph and subjected to the extreme temperatures of near space, (- 60 Celsius/-74 degrees Fahrenheit ).

Upon reaching burst altitude of 96,224 feet the weather balloon burst, at which time the parachute deployed to gently drop the Blizzerator back to earth.... Not this time!...The rigging for the platform that launched the Blizzerator tangled when the balloon burst. The tangle slowly interfered with the parachute's function causing a rapid descent dropping 18.2 miles in approximately 15 minutes. The Blizzerator fell to earth with an impact of over 60 mph coming to rest 45' high in the tree tops.

Test results were conclusive..... The Blizzerator Passed! damage, cracks, or dents, not even to Mini-Blizz who took the ride atop the Blizzerator and threw his hands up high upon impact as if to say,..."We Did It," or more likely "I Survived."

Watch the highlights from the voyage to space below!