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Blizzerator Reviews from our Canadian Neighbors!


5.0 Stars                                                       Quick & Easy                                  28/01/2014                                                         

By DeeDee from Yarmouth, NS

Verified Buyer

It is very easy to use and with the handle extended you can do the whole windshield from one side of the car.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  5.0 Stars                                              Perfect winter solution                   27/01/2014

By Eve from NL

 Verified Buyer

Bronze Reviewer

The product works very well. The snow is gone within a minute from all sides of a van. Having two items in one pack is nice. I use it every day and I am very pleased with the fast and quality result.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  5.0 Stars                                                        One of a Kind                                13/01/2014

By Dee from Pickering

Verified Buyer

Gold Reviewer

Amazing...it works very well. I'm very short and drive a truck therefore the extended handle helps me to clear the snow off the roof of the truck. Plan to buy more for xmas gifts.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  5.0 Stars                                               Great Christmas Gift                               07/01/2014

By 2003 Impala   from Aurora On

Verified Buyer

My Wife loves the brust,She can clean the car without moving around the car.Especally when it is icy out.It handles a few inches of snow easially.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  5.0 Stars                                               Great Xmas gift                                          31/12/2013

By Beautiful British Columbia   from Castlegar

Verified Buyer

Silver Reviewer

This was a Xmas gift for my Son and Grandson.

They thought it was a very handy tool and both said it will be used as needed,

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  4.0 Stars                                            Gift Giving Hit!                        30/12/2013

By Laura M from Burlington, Ontario

Bronze Reviewer

Four men on my Christmas list received this product and all four loved it! The value is amazing and the product is sturdy and well made.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  4.0 Stars                                           Great gadget!                                    03/01/2014

By Sammy from Montreal

Bronze Reviewer

Everything you need in a snow brush and very sturdy. Not planning to buy another brush for a long time!

My Bf especially enjoys it to clean the SUV more efficiently

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  2.0 Stars                                            Heavy                                                   

By Valerie from West Vancouver

Verified Buyer Allstar

This may be ergonomically designed but it is too heavy for me to use.


 ***The Blizzerator weighs in at just about 2 lbs.....less than a kilogram....Balanced for optimal function!

 *** Our concern...If two pounds is too much to handle, please reconsider pushing piles of heavy snow from your vehicle.



"First of all, make sure you have enough room in your car for this item. The collapsed length is 44 inches, and the expanded length is 55 inches, so a decent trunk or back seat is required for storage. The length, though, is one of the advantages to this guy.

At one end is a nice ice scraper. The scraper is removable for getting to side windows and such, but can be used attached to the Blizzerator (www.blizzerator.com) to get at wide windshields or back windows without having to lean over the car. The scraper edge is flat, with extensions on the back for thicker ice. At its full extension, scraping with the Blizzerator is a little awkward, but it still gets the job done. Removing the scraper requires pushing a small tab near the end of the scraper handle, no problem either barehanded or with thin gloves on; a little more difficult with thick insulated gloves but still easy enough. Once the scraper is off, the pole end that is exposed is unfinished and potentially sharp; if you aren’t careful you could scratch the car. Putting the scraper back on requires pushing the small tab down again, locking the scraper into place.

The other end of the Blizzerator has a combo brush and squeegee. The combo is 10 inches wide, more than good enough to brush the snow off the car. The squeegee slides into place and locks lightly over the brush, providing some protection for the brush when stored. The squeegee part is thick and looks like it will stand up to some abuse; the edge is flat. The brush bristles are 3 inches long and seem to be fastened securely; some hard tugging didn’t dislodge any. After pushing a release button on the brush assembly (easy with gloves on), it can be rotated 360 degrees in 45 degree increments, letting you get a comfortable angle to brush off the snow or squeegee the windows. The brush end also has an oversized handle to hold the Blizzerator when scraping with the other end.

The pole part of the Blizzerator extends with the push of a button (easy with gloves on), allowing you to slide the length out in two increments of about 5 inches each, locking into place at each location. A slight curve at each end allows for a little more comfortable reach or working position.

The plastic parts are all very thick and are screwed together, making for a very solid look and feel. Definitely the sturdiest device of this kind I've run across.

Weight-wise, this isn’t the lightest brush/scraper combo around at 2-3/4 pounds (with squeegee), but not too bad considering you can let that weight do some of the work for you. It’s nicely balanced, though.

Nits: (1) when using the brush or squeegee, careful of the scraper. It’s fairly sharp on the leading edge and could catch a coat and tear it as you move the Blizzerator back and forth, (2) as noted above, removing the scraper leaves an exposed non-smooth tube end that could scratch you or a car’s finish.

Finally, see the interesting video at http://www.blizzerator.com/pages/space-video to see how much punishment this thing can take.

Overall, really a 4-1/2 star rating; this is a well-made product that should give some good years of service." -Amazon Review


"This is the coolest thing I have seen at the [Orgill] show." - Dallin R., Blanding, Utah

"This is a very nice tool" - Larry L., VP of Conference Services for NACDS

"Cool product!" - Jim S., Cumberland, Rhode Island

"Good product. Good design. Useful." - Leonard N.,Rhode Island

“This thing is diesel!” - John M., Haverstraw, New York 


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